Director's Message


        Statistics is one of the significant branches of Mathematics with broad applications, which deals with collecting, cataloging, organizing, viewing and summarizing the information and data and then analyzing them according to the scientific methods and techniques to get the sound inferences and decisions. Besides, it supports decision-making in the University. All of these features make it of practical importance in a wide variety of fields of science from physics to social sciences.

        Due to the important functions of Statistics, they result in accuracy, clarity of the analysis of data and information, which will support the University in achieving its objectives, the development of digital policies, decision-making and raise the performance level of the university.

      Based on the University's vision "leadership in teaching, learning and community service, and active participation in the building science and knowledge-based society," His Excellency the Rector Prof. Dr. Muhammad bin Ibrahim AL-Hassan issued a directive of establishing 'Unit of Statistical Analysis', No. 6378-1-432 on 11/12/1432 A.H in order to meet the requirements of the IT infrastructure to support the decision-making in the University